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Cullis and Gladys Wade Museum

The Cullis & Gladys Wade Clock Museum, located in the lobby of the Mississippi State University Welcome Center at the Cullis Wade Depot, showcases an extensive collection of mostly American clocks and watches dating as far back as the early 1700s. Purchased from across the United States, this collection of over 400 clocks represents nearly every American manufacturer of clocks, including Ansonia, Waterbury, W.L. Gilbert, Howard, and a large representation of Seth Thomas clocks.

While most of the clocks are original productions, several have been customized by Mr. Wade to feature hand-painted glass designs, hybrid clocks of English cases with American movements, and intricate finial additions to the clocks. The collection also features a number of French clocks and several English and German pieces.

Mr. Wade's passion for clocks, especially of the internal mechanisms, is evident in this wide array of timepieces from all over the world. It was his hope that the exhibit will expose MSU students and visitors to something unique and historical that can’t be found anywhere else in Mississippi.”